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Adrenal Fatigue? Why this Treatment is a Gamechanger.

It comes on slowly…insidiously…and before you know it, you’ve hit rock bottom. You find yourself lustreless, aimless, depressed and hopeless. You end up quitting your job, taking a step away from life and taking up residence in your bed. You become a social media addict because it’s the only way you know how to stay connected to the real world…but even that tires you out.

You visit your naturopath who tests you for adrenal fatigue…and voila! The diagnosis is made and you find some measure of comfort in the fact there is actually something wrong with you physically. You change your diet, add in a ton of supplements and modify your life to be as stress-free and relaxed as possible, and you hope, hope, hope that something, anything will happen!

Now…if you could only figure out how to get yourself out of that hole of endless fatigue and the accompanying emotional rollercoaster!

This is not an unusual story of the facts of life with adrenal fatigue. But the actual living with it on a daily basis is even harder. Maybe you’ve hidden it from everyone or maybe you haven’t…but whatever your approach to living with it you understand that it takes time to heal. And the emotional, social and mental devastation can easily be all consuming.

What if I told you that there was something you COULD do that would be a game changer? That didn’t involve tons of money spent on supplements? That didn’t take months or years?

What if you were told that, rather than looking purely at your adrenals as the source of your fatigue, you could look at (and treat!) your fatigue in relation to your circumstances and that this approach is extremely effective and has been used by many homeopaths over the past 100+ years?

Let me explain…

Within the lens of homeopathy we see a person as a whole rather than separate parts that affect your whole being (e.g. in conventional medicine the adrenals are the only part to be treated in adrenal fatigue). In homeopathy we want to identify the source of your fatigue – maybe it’s from job stress, maybe from a bad break-up or a death in the family, maybe it came after surgery or from the loss of body fluids (think heavy periods, breast-feeding, etc.), because no single person’s fatigue stems from the same issue.

Taking into consideration your specific problem we treat your fatigue with a remedy that actually relates to the source of your fatigue. This individual targeted approach is your game changer. It actually uproots that fatigue by gently stimulating your own body to heal itself without all the supplements, the dietary changes (although a supportive diet is helpful!) or even blood tests.

Are you interested in knowing more? Because I can tell you that this is a game changer…YOUR game changer. Stop putting your life on hold. Stop spending a ton of money on supplements or blood tests. It’s possible!

To schedule a free 15 minute consult or learn more – email rachel.vanhalteren@gmail.com

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