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Treat Your Allergies & Hay Fever Naturally This Season!

Allergy season is upon us. For most of us, we enjoy the fresh scents of spring, the awakening of the flowers and the warmer breezes. But for those who suffer from seasonal allergies the arrival of spring can be a mixed experience.

I know many people who survive on anti-histamines and nasal spray throughout the allergy season – sometimes with good results…and sometimes with only minor relief. The only problem with this approach is that it doesn’t solve anything – it only puts your symptoms on hold. And to top that medications carry their own set of side effects.

Can you believe that it is not only possible to manage your allergy symptoms naturally and effectively but you can actually completely get rid of your allergies?

YUP! I promise you that it’s true!

Homeopathic medicines have been used in the treatment of seasonal allergies for decades and not only are they inexpensive but they are effective! Working for anything from skin itching and rashes, to burning and red, watery eyes, to post-nasal drip, sinus congestion to a generalized ill feeling and disturbed sleep, from nausea, shortness of breath, cough or wheezing – homeopathy can treat you effectively!

Let me share a short example. Kyla suffers from severe nasal and palate itching and post-nasal drip due to a pollen allergy. Without an anti-histamine she finds herself sneezing, with a raw, dry scratchy throat, irritated eyes and the drip of clear discharge from her nose. The sneezing spells can be so intense that she finds herself dizzy and heavy-headed and she must stop what she is doing. Anytime she steps outdoors she knows an attack will come. She also describes a feeling of her eyeballs being pushed outwards. Her symptoms match the remedy Senega Off. She takes this remedy as needed to prevent and treat allergy symptoms. She also has seen a homeopath to deal with strengthening her immune system overall to prevent allergy symptoms in the future.

This two-fold approach (the acute remedy for flare-ups and the ‘constitutional remedy’ for strengthening her immune system overall) is the best approach for dealing with chronic allergies.

If you are looking for a way to naturally relieve your allergies try homeopathy!

For symptom relief, all you need to do is read the symptoms listed behind the remedy…and if they match your symptoms (this is a very important part!), you can try that remedy for relief. Check out a few different remedies below.

Remedies for Acute Seasonal Allergies:

Ambrosia – Common hay fever symptoms. Tears and intolerable itching of the eyelids. Burning of the eyelids. Watery nasal discharge; sneezing. Wonderful for spring and summer allergies if other remedies do not fit. Stuffed feeling in nose and head. The respiratory tract in its entire length feels stopped up.

Euphrasia – eyes water constantly causing itching and burning; eyes are swollen and irritated. Nasal discharge is profuse and watery but does not irritate the nose or upper lip. Frequent sneezing that gets worse at night. Allergies are worse in the sunlight and the wind. Staying in a dark room is helpful. When eye symptoms predominate: burning, photophobia, watering all the time, intense blinking, sensation of dust in eyes, agglutination in the morning.

Sabadilla – much sneezing, runny watery discharge; itching and tingling in nose and mouth; eyes are red, burning and tearing; sore throat; worse smell of flowers – symptoms begins when they inhale pollen from flowers. The interior of the nose becomes raw and dry while the mucus flows profusely and is white; the person feels cold. Feeling of a lump in the throat. Feels better in a warm room, eating and drinking. Easier to swallow warm foods.

Wyethia – Intolerable itching felt on the roof of the mouth and behind the nose – sometimes extending to the throat and ears. Everything in the person’s head feels dry and irritated but the nose may still be runny. Constant clearing of the throat.

Bryonia – Many of the complaints commence in the nose: sneezing, inflammation, running of the nose, aching through the nose, then aching through the eyes and head which goes down into the throat causing hoarseness and then even bronchitis. Worse from any motion, even motion of the eyeballs can hurt. Complaints come on slowly. Thirsty for large quantity of cold water. Feels better with rest and pressure.

Ferrum Phosphoricum – Taken when allergy symptoms start it can slow or stop an episode. Symptoms include runny eyes with a burning or gritty feeling, facial flushing, watery nose and short, hard, tickling cough. For the early stages of any inflammation.

Sinapis NigraMucous membranes dry and hot. with watery eyes, sneezing, hacking cough. No discharge. Dry sinuses and pharynx with thick, lumpy sensation. Scant burning discharge. Either nostril blocked the whole day. Worse in afternoon and evening and in July/August.

Sticta Pulmonariadull heavy or stuffed/full feeling at the root of the nose. Painful dryness of mucous membranes. Constant need to blow nose but no discharge, not due to lack of secretion but because secretions dry up very rapidly forming scabs difficult to dislodge. Hay fever with incessant sneezing. Cough is dry but loose in the morning. Dry cough worse in the evening and night, cannot sleep or lie down. has to sit up.

Gelsemium – Tired, droopy feeling during allergies with a flushed and heavy feeling face. Nose may run with irritating watery discharge with frequent sneezing or nasal membranes can feel dry or swollen. Overall may feel dull, dizzy, drowsy and thirstless. Desire to quiet or alone. A great flu remedy.

Sanguinaria – A lot of sneezing with dull heavy pains over the root of nose and a stinging sensation in nose. Copious burning watery discharge from the nose causing rawness in the sinus with loss of smell. Hay fever followed by asthma, sick and faint from the odor of flowers, always taking cold (from every draft to even a change of clothes). Very chilly.

Natrum Muriaticum – Allergy attacks with sneezing, watery eyes, clear nasal discharge that resembles egg white. Loss of taste and smell suggest the need for this remedy. Constant running nose which then changes to a blocked nose making breathing difficult. Feel hot and thirsty. Can feel worse from 10-11am.

Arsenicum Album – nasal discharge is thin and watery and can leave the skin feeling ‘burnt.’ Sneezes without relief. Nose feels blocked but continues to run. Nasal passages inflamed. Nose colds quickly go to the chest causing bronchitis. Feels better indoors. Always wants to move (very restless), easily frightened, afraid of suffocation. Feels worse around 12-2am or 12-2pm. There are lots of burning pains in this remedy. Overall feels chilly, oversensitive to smells, noise, touch.

Pulsatilla – Inflammed nasal passages with blocked right nostril. Lots of yellow discharges especially in the morning. Feels better when outside. Allergies worse when lying down in a warm room. Symptoms keep changing. Person is mild, gentle. Likes to be consoled. Overall they can feel cold but are oversensitive to heat (heat makes them feel exhausted or dull). Thirstless. Feel worse around 2-3am.

Nux Vomica – prolonged sneezing spells especially when first waking in the morning. Nose runs all day but is stuffed up at night and outdoors. The stuffiness alternates between nostrils. Itching can be from the throat and also into the ears. Feels better when the nose starts to run, from resting, moist air and warm drinks. Overall feels irritable, chilly, impatient.

How to take a homeopathic remedy for symptom management:

  1. Buy your remedy in a 6C or 30C potency.
  2. Remember that you must take the remedy 30 minutes away from food – so wait 30 minutes after eating AND wait 30 minutes before you eat again.
  3. Take 1-2 pellets under your tongue and allow to dissolve. If your symptoms improve don’t take another dose. If you find that your symptoms have not improved at all you can try another dose to a maximum of 3 doses.
  4. If after 3 doses you find no relief you most likely don’t have the correct remedy for your allergies.
  5. Stop taking the remedy if you get relief.
  6. Don’t take more than 2 doses a day for more than 2 weeks. For longer term relief I’d recommend you visit a homeopath to help get rid of or manage your symptoms.

If you are looking to actually cure your allergies you would need to book an appointment with a classical homeopath for a more in depth consultation. If you are having trouble figuring out which remedy to use for symptom relief or don’t see anything listed that matches your problem you can book a 20-30 minute consultation!




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